Humminbird System Modules

We offer a wide range of Humminbird GPS navigation and telecommunication equipment. Humminbird has been delivering top of the line high quality marine electronics and Humminbird accessories for over 30 years. Humminbird system modules can add marine electronic's functionality and assist sailors in the sea.

System Modules

Humminbird systems module accessories include ultimate fishing GPS receivers that provide precise position, breadcrumb trail and other advanced features. Optional speed and temperature sensor feature of cannonlink control system module allow users to read water temperature, water clarity and speed at the depth of the weight ball. Humminbird GPS receivers can be used in lower signal areas and still maintain a position fix. With the help of sixteen channel GPS receivers users can access advanced track plotter and navigation capabilities of their Humminbird fishing system. Satellite weather receivers make sure that users never get surprised by a sudden storm and return to safety. With the help of Threat Matrix technology users can track inland storm coverage across the U.S. and see accurate details of their local conditions. Remote sonar link system modules help users to check for fish and structure up to hundred feet away in any place that is difficult to reach by boat. Humminbird system module includes card reader that easily plugs into the PC’s USB port and help to update the fishing unit software. Ten feet long fishing system extension cable allows the connection of an advanced accessory system unit to a matrix fishing system unit. With the new InterLink network connection users can share GPS position, routes, waypoints and their current track between two Humminbird fishing systems in real time. The Humminbird system modules enhance the performance of fishing systems.