Side Imaging® provides picture-like images of the bottom, structure and fish, and covers an enormous area at one time – it's the ultimate structure-finding tool!

Humminbird 3D PLUS Sonar uses a unique array of six sonar beams to show you an incredibly wide, exceptionally-detailed, real-time 3D view.

For full 90 degree coverage, turn to Humminbird QuadraBeam PLUS™ Sonar.

Get the best of both worlds, with selectable narrow and wide beams you can view individually, or melded into one display.

Optimized for excellent coverage of the bottom.

When it comes to our Sonar Technology, the story doesn't end there. Learn more about how our technology really does deliver the competitive advantage (and help you catch more fish).

With two unique modes, you have complete control to adjust with the fishing conditions, making our downlooking sonar an even more valuable fishfinding tool.

See what is happening below your boat with Down Imaging Sonar.