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The Humminbird 700 series features 5-inch color LCD display for excellent, underwater view and advanced Dual Beam Plus sonar technology. The Dual Beam Plus features a 20° beam that provides clear bottom details, which reveal hidden fish. The wider, 60° beam provides greater coverage for fish and bait fish. In the Humminbird 500 series, the products are equipped with Sonar Echo Enhancement™ technology that can track a fish as small as a jig. Our site also carries PiranhaMAX series FishFinders that are ultra-compact in size and can be mounted almost anywhere. The PiranhaMAX features the selective fish ID+ technology that employs advanced sonar technology. When a fish is detected, a fish icon and its depth are displayed on the clear, color display. Different fish icons represent relative fish size.

In the Humminbird 900 series FishFinders category you will find models with 8-inch, clear color display, which allows you to easily view the bottom of lakes and/or rivers. The man overboard function adjusts the boat to track back to the specified spot with a touch of a button. Browse through the 1100 series, which features 10.4-inch, color display and pre-loaded UniMap™ of USA inland lakes, rivers and coastal areas. The 2 memory card expansion slots allow you to save screen snap shots for future reference.